Open science for engineers and researchers

TRA100 Basic or TRA105 Advanced TRACKS project course (7.5 credits)

Course application for fall 2022 is now open! Deadline is 17th May 2022.

Have you wondered…

How sharing your work (perhaps your thesis) can create an impact?

Did you know that Linux started off as a Master’s Thesis?

How can businesses benefit from Open Source?

Did you know that Tesla Autopilot is built on an Open Source library?

Why is everyone talking Open Science? Because it brings new possibilities to increase quality and efficiency in technology and research, creating new opportunities for innovation and worldwide collaboration. The digital transformation we are living through opens a whole new array of exciting possibilities in science and technology. Explore this new and upcoming way of doing Science and Technology in this Tracks course.

What will you do in this course? (Outcomes and Activities)

This is a project-based course where you can either choose to analyze Open Science practices of any field of your choice or choose an aspect of Open Science to dive deeper. In general, you will gain an overall perspective of the different facets of Open Science: Open Data, Open Access, Open Source, Open Workflows, Licenses and Copyrights.

Why apply?

  • Learn about best practices and tools, and use them in your thesis and future work
  • Analyze why sharing and reproducibility contributes to Global Development
  • Explore how Open Science may give you visibility and opportunities

Who can apply?

It’s open to everyone! All current and past Chalmers students. This is an interdisciplinary elective course, relevant to all educational program at Chalmers.


This course runs through study periods 1 and 2 (September to December). Register here: (Last date: May 17). Questions? Contact: or . Learn more on Chalmers Tracks Courses here.