We are a young and dynamic research group affiliated with the Department of Microtechnology and Nanoscience (MC2), Chalmers University of Technology. We are embedded in the Quantum Device Physics Laboratory.

The focus of our experimental work is hybrid quantum electronics, where the combination of different material classes, such as superconductors with nanoscale semiconductor channels gives rise to new electronic states, an example being topological superconductivity. We are also interested in the development of new device paradigms for quantum information processing.

We perform our experiments in dilution refrigerators, which are low-temperature cryogenic measurement cooling setups with temperatures reaching the range of 10 mK. Our devices are fabricated in-house, in the Nanofabrication Laboratory.

We are looking for passionate new PhD students, postdocs, and master students to join the team (more info)!

We gratefully acknowledge funding by MC2, the Swedish Research Council, the Excellence Initiative Nano and the Area of Advance Fundamental Sciences at Chalmers, the Horizon 2020 programme of European Union by an ERC Starting Grant (SiMS) and by a FETOpen grant (AndQC).


09 October 2022

Ankit joins as a PhD researcher

01 September 2022

Theresa Fuchs joins the group to perform her MSc research project

01 September 2022

Oleg Shvetsov joins the group as a postdoctoral researcher

4th July 2022

Postdoc opening: quantum skyrmionics

22nd April 2022

Building and programming a quantum computer - Chalmers Tracks 2022 edition

15th April 2022

Course on Open Science and Technology - part of Chalmers Tracks

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