09 October 2022
Ankit joins as a PhD researcher
We welcome Ankit, who will work on the fabrication and measurement of Andreev spin quantum bits in InAs nanowires. Ankit finished his BSc and MSc education at IISER TVM in India and holds a major in physics and minor in chemistry. He carried out his MSc project work in the Quantum Transport group headed by Dr. Madhu Thalakulam.

01 September 2022
Theresa Fuchs joins the group to perform her MSc research project
We warmly welcome Theresa Fuchs, MSc student in the Nanotechnology program of Chalmers, who will investigate spin excitations in nanoscale ferromagnetic devices using microwave spectroscopy techniques.

01 September 2022
Oleg Shvetsov joins the group as a postdoctoral researcher
The team welcomes Oleg Shvetsov, whose position is funded by the ERC Starting Grant of Attila Geresdi. Oleg’s prior research mainly focused on the experiments of the Josephson effect between layered structures as well as topological materials. Thus far, his publication record includes more than 10 peer reviewed scientific articles. His Google Scholar profile can be found here.

4th July 2022
Postdoc opening: quantum skyrmionics
We are currently looking for an excellent postdoctoral researcher to carry out a research program in the intersection of quantum technologies and exotic magnetic orders, such as skyrmions. See our openings page and the Chalmers job portal for further details. The application deadline is 31st August, 2022. This position is funded by the Excellence Initiative Nano.

22nd April 2022
Building and programming a quantum computer - Chalmers Tracks 2022 edition
We are proud to announce that our successful project course is now open for applications again with a deadline of 1st June 2022. It is part of the Chalmers Tracks initiative and connects research and education in the broad field of quantum science and technology. See also our teaser video on Chalmers Play! To apply, see the course flyer or see the summary here.

15th April 2022
Course on Open Science and Technology - part of Chalmers Tracks
We are excited to announce a new course focusing on various aspects of open science. Developed across departments of Chalmers, it will give a broad overview and perspective on open data and open access as well as open source, workflows, licenses and copyrights. The course is now open for applications until 17th May 2022, and will run in study periods 1 and 2 in the fall (September to December). Feel free to apply by submitting [this form] ( Also, take a look at the course flyer or see our educational activities.

18th January 2022
Quantum Tracks reports are online, open access
After a busy fall semester, four student groups finished our Chalmers Tracks course on quantum computation, titled Building and programming a quantum computer. All reports are published open access at the Chalmers Open Digital Repository, and we list them on the course page as well. The course will be back in the fall semester of 2022, stay tuned for updates!

1st November 2021
New PhD and postdoc positions are now open
We are hiring! We are looking for a talented PhD student and postdoctoral researcher to further our efforts in Andreev quantum bit and Majorana mode detection. We seek highly motivated experimentalists with prior experience in nanofabrication as well as microwave domain experimentation under cryogenic conditions. See our Openings page for details!

3rd September 2021
MSc defense of Rodrigo Lopez Baez
The group sincerely congratulates to Rodrigo, who successfully defended his MSc report titled Coplanar stripline resonators for Andreev quantum bits. His project was carried out over the preceeding 12 months and was part of the Erasmus Mundus Master of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology joint program of KU Leuven and Chalmers.

23 July 2021
Article in Science on the Andreev spin qubit
We are proud to be part of the collaboration which demonstrated the very first coherent manipulation and rapid readout of the Andreev spin, which is bound to a weak link in a semiconductor channel. Quantum bits based on this quantum mechanical degree of freedom have been proposed since 2003, but not realized until this work. Read the article here and the corresponding perspective article here.

20 July 2021
Workshop on quantum matter at ultra-low temperatures
Organized together with two colleauges from Lancaster University, the Quantum matter at ultra-low temperatures workshop starts today. The workshop will feature both invited and contributed talks from the fields of ultra-low temperature electronics, micromechanics as well as exotic condensates under extreme conditions of matter. We are happy to be part of the CMD29 online series and hope to meet up in real life in August 2022 at CMD29!

28 June 2021
Hybrid nanodevice workshop starts
We have an exciting program consisting of invited and contributed talks as well as pre-recorded talks for the upcoming two days. Read the workshop program here.

21 June 2021
Attila promoted to oavlonad docent at Chalmers
With the habilitation lecture titled Superconducting quantum bits with a spin, Attila is now promoted to docent of experimental physics at Chalmers.

20 April 2021
Online workshop on bound states in hybrid nanodevices on June 28-29
We are proudly in the organizing committee of the online workshop titled Bound states in hybrid superconductor nanostructures. Submit your abstract by the 30th May and register by the 27th June. Registration is free of charge, and the workshop is part of the CMD29 online series co-hosted by the European Physical Society and the Institute of Physics.

15 April 2021
Attila gives an online seminar on Andreev states and qubits
Attila gives a comprehensive seminar talk as part of the joint IFIMAC+ICMM online seminar series. The recording is available on Youtube.

15 March 2021
Building and programming a quantum computer - a Chalmers Tracks course
We are excited to announce a course targeting quantum nanoscience and engineering, which is part of the Chalmers Tracks initiative. The course will first run in fall 2021 and will provide overview lectures on quantum mechanics focusing on quantum technologies. After this introduction, the students will engage in project works, which relate to ongoing research activities in the field. Apply by the 15th June! See the course announcement on the Chalmers Tracks site and here. Read more about the ongoing quantum research activities at the Quantum Device Physics Laboratory as well as the Wallenberg Centre for Quantum Technology.

11 January 2021
Vittorio Buccheri joins the lab as a PhD researcher
Vittorio has a BSc and MSc degree in physics from the University of Pisa and has a research experience with phase biased superconducting proximity devices. Recently, he has been working on superconducting microwave and terrahertz detectors being affiliated with INFN Pisa and the NEST Laboratories.

24 October 2020
Swedish Research Council (VR) project grant
The Geresdi Lab is now supported by the Swedish Research Council (VR) by a four-year-long project grant starting in January 2021. We will investigate the interplay of nuclear spin ordering and Andreev bound state physics in semiconductor nanowires. This project builds on our expertise with hybrid superconductor nanodevices and on-chip nuclear demagnetization cooling. See the Chalmers press release.

23 September 2020
Review article on Andreev and Majorana bound states in Nature Review Physics
This review article (see publication and ArXiv link) is a result of an international collaboration of theorists and experimentalist researchers, and provides a comprehensive coverage of the field of Andreev bound states as well as the concept and prerequisites of topological protection leading to Majorana bound states.

20 September 2020
Rodrigo Lopez joins the group for his MSc research project
Rodrigo, who currently is on the quantum track of the joint KU Leuven - Chalmers Erasmus Mundus Nanoscience and Nanotechnology program, will carry out his masters project in our group. He will focus on the design and measurement of planar superconducting resonators tailored for Andreev quantum bits.

25 August 2020
PhD opening in Andreev qubit development
This exciting opening is part of an international European network dedicated to the development of Andreev quantum bits. Apply here today!

31 July 2020
First dilution refrigerator is installed
The Geresdi Lab welcomes the first Bluefors LD400 dilution refrigerator after a busy week of installation and testing. With DC and microwave capabilities and a 7 mK base temperature, this setup will be instrumental for our research activities. The group decided to name our first two refrigerators Embla and Ask, after the first couple created by the gods in Nordic mythology. Ask will follow Embla shortly, and will be installed in September.

07 July 2020
New publication: Monitoring a single superconducting spin in Nature Physics
A joint publication with the QLab group at Yale, QuTech in Delft and the Center for Quantum Devices in Copenhagen showcases a novel way to connect single spin physics and superconducting quantum circuits. Read the publication in Nature Physics or on ArXiv (open access).

04 July 2020
Instrument building grant by Excellence Initiative Nano
We received an additional 750kSEK grant to build low-noise electronics for cryogenic experiments as part of the low temperature infrastructure at Chalmers. This grant was awarded by the Excellence Initiative Nano and allows this activity to run for a year.

01 April 2020
Bekmurat Dalelkhan joins the lab as a postdoc
Bekmurat finished his PhD thesis on InSb nanowires last year at the Centre of Nanoscience and at the Department of Physics at the Lund University. His project involved growth and characterization of nanodevices built on semiconductor nanowires.

30 January 2020
User access for the European Microkelvin Platform
Attila visits the group of prof. Dominik Zumbuhl at the Basel University for a joint nuclear demagnetization experiment funded by the European Microkelvin Platform. With this measurement, we will compare indium and copper as nuclear refrigerants for nanoelectronics in an effort to push the lowest electron temperatures well below 1 millikelvin (which is already very cold!).

29 January 2020
Lab construction nearing end
The construction of our brand new cryogenic laboratory is almost concluded. Looking forward to installing the first dilution refrigerator soon!

23 January 2020
PhD positions funded by EI Nano
There is one month to apply for the PhD scholarship of the Excellence Initiative Nano targeted for top notch MSc students with a recent (or upcoming) degree. Prospective applicants can use this grant to join our team and pick their research direction, for example the new and exciting Andreev quantum bit project. Application deadline is 28th February.

01 November 2019
Welcome, Ivo! Our team is growing fast!
Ivo Cools graduated from KU Leuven in Belgium, and he specialized on Shapiro step measurements in metallic Josephson junction arrays. He did his MSc project with the Nanoscale superconductivity and magnetism group of KU Leuven.

01 October 2019
A warm welcome for Nermin, the first PhD student to start in the lab!
Nermin Trnjanin has recently finished his MSc studies and did research in the group of Timur Shegai at the Department of Physics at Chalmers. His project targeted the optical properties of TMDC monolayers on noble metal surfaces.

01 September 2019
Attila starts at Chalmers. This is day 1 for the Geresdi lab!
Attila will build up a new cryogenic laboratory dedicated for hybrid quantum electronics. See the Chalmers news item on the introductory lecture, which was attended by fellow researchers of MC2.